Jauhar Academy of Social Sciences (JASS), with historical origins in Ongbanchai Academy of Political Science, is a comprehensive academic research organization and center in the Johor Empire for study in the fields of philosophy and social sciences, with the obligation of advancing and innovating in the scientific researches of philosophy, social sciences and policies. It is a think tank affiliated with Johor Royalists Club.


Jauhar Academy of Social Sciences (JASS) was established with the aim of promoting the development of philosophy and social sciences for the Johor Empire.


Jauhar Academy of Social Sciences (JASS) comprises six academic divisions:

  • Philosophy and Literature
  • History
  • Economics
  • Social, Political and Legal Studies
  • Natural History
  • Johorean Studies

and is made up of several research institutes and research centers.


The Academy’s Council Members and Honorary Officers are:

  • Low Yew Yi – Chair and President
  • Loh Wei Cher (Allen), Esq.
  • Willham Siau, CA(M), CA(ANZ) – Secretary General
  • Lau Hun Boon
  • Tan Yih Xin (Vivi), Esq.
  • Bernard Tee Shyong Jiunn, Esq.
  • V. Ramasamy (Sam) – Honorary Auditor